Fire Safety Planning for Ranches

horsesMany horse lovers in the midst of a Frisco or Plano relocation find the ranch of their dreams in this beautiful part of the country. Whether you currently own or plan to buy a ranch or a similar type of property, it’s important to establish a fire safety plan in case of a fire or other type of emergency. There is always a lot at stake when you own a ranch, as you need to protect your investment and ensure the safety of all the humans, horses and other animals that reside on the property.

Here are some steps to take when establishing a fire safety plan for a ranch.

1. Establish a fire safety area. One of the most important things to do is to designate an area to quickly move your horses and other animals. In an ideal scenario, you can build a special area with non-flammable footing and fencing where you can shepherd the animals to while waiting for fire fighters to put out the fire or evacuation. Of course, make sure to determine a place for the entire family to go to as well.

2. Design an evacuation plan. It’s crucial to decide whether evacuation is necessary as early as possible—if you wait too long, firefighters or other officials may tell you to leave your animals behind, which can be very worrisome. Put a plan in place in case of the worst, and even do dry runs so you can figure out which animals are suitable for transport.

3. Have a place to take your animals. It’s important to find a spacious location to take your horses and other livestock in the case of a fire. Research local stables or perhaps find a friend who owns a sizeable property and would be willing to temporarily provide shelter for your animals in the case of an emergency.

4. Eliminate synthetics. Remove all flammable synthetic materials from your horses and their vicinity. Plastic materials melt immediately when an ember hits them and can cause serious burns. Synthetics may include blankets, sheets, fly masks and nylon halters.

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