Historic Downtown Plano—A Must Visit

PLano relocationWhether you’re looking at homes in Plano, Texas or are just in town for vacation, a trip to Historic Downtown Plano is a must. The compact 80-acre downtown area has become a bustling destination for people from all over to eat, shop and enjoy themselves.

Founded in the 1870s, this bucolic downtown area was the heart of the farming community of southwest Collin County. Residents came downtown to access the Central Railroad, so they could travel to Dallas or Sherman to shop or use the services in the bigger cities. While it remained a trading center and hub through the mid-20th century, post-war development prompted suburban expansion and growth in other areas, causing Downtown Plano to lose some of its luster. In the mid-1980s, leaders made a new plan to revitalize the area, upgrading streets and sidewalks and refreshing dilapidated storefronts.

Today, Downtown Plano is in the midst of a renaissance and has re-emerged as a hip, vibrant, urban epicenter. The idyllic town was revitalized by the debut of the light rail transit service, a bevy of shops and restaurants, art galleries, museums, theaters and a beautiful park to relax in. There has been more than 50,000 square feet of private development, including upscale yet affordable urban apartments, and an array of historic commercial and civic buildings were restored.

There is literally something for every member of the family to enjoy in Historic Downtown Plano. Considered the main street, 15th Street is where you can find an eclectic assortment of boutiques, specialty stores, tea rooms, bars and cafés. Across 15th is Georgia’s Famers Market, where you can find ultra fresh produce from May through November, and the Eisenberg Skatepark, an indoor facility with two skate areas spanning 25,000 feet.

Formerly the locale of the town’s General Store, a livery stable, opera house, saloon and lodge hall—among other things—the ArtCentre of Plano provides a venue for all types of art, from displays and installations to avant-garde performances. Across from the Downtown Plano train station is Haggard Park, a stunningly landscaped area spanning five and a half acres, complete with a pond, picnic areas, paved trails and a beautiful gazebo.

One visit to Historic Downtown Plano and you will be delighted by all it has to offer.

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