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Ashley Elementary School10

Frisco, TX | Collin County


May 13, 2014

My children just completed their first year at Ashley. I have 3 kiddos who were K, 2nd, & 4th graders. As new students at the beginning of the year, they were made to feel at home. All teachers my children were involved with were wonderful (their classroom teachers, the specials teachers,.etc.) I was really impressed by the amount of hands on learning and how active children are kept while learning. . This school & challenging Frisco curriculum really make learning fun and exciting. i also love how welcome parents are at the school. Parents are able to help in the classroom, the library, etc. We did have some experiences that had potential for negatives. (Hurt on the playground, difficulty changing schools, etc.) However, the staff handled all these situations professionally and were very caring toward my children. From the Principal, the the counselor, to the teachers and everyone in between, the whole staff has been great. and my children (who didn't want to switch schools at all but were forced to by our move) are extremely happy and engaged in learning.

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February 28, 2010

My son is in the TLC program and I couldn't be happier with the teachers there. If you have a child with Autism and are new to the district, this school is fantastic! I would love to name a couple of teachers, Leah Russ,Micheal Jones,and Shannon Archer are just a couple of a great staff they have @ Ashley

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January 27, 2010

My child has been attending Ashley since the 3rd grade. She transferred from a Private school that didn't care and unless you contributed lots of money to the school; your child was unimportant! The private school handled bullying in a poor manner which caused me to relocate my daughter to another school. She has adapted well to the school and was welcomed with open arms. I definitely disagree about the personality of the principal as well as the assistant principal. They are both warm and caring to the children as well as to the parents. The teachers' are awesome as well! I would say this is a great school.

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June 26, 2009

I am so pleased with this school. My daughter just completed Kinder here and we have had nothing but a positive experience. I had a few issues that the Principal addressed with care and concern, and I felt she truly cared for my child. The teachers are fantastic and I was amazed at how much my child learned this year. Amazing school!

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April 11, 2009

My son attends this school now and we will not be coming back next year. I have had horrible experiences with the principal. It is not that she is cold she is clueless and has no concern for the kids at her school that do not fit in pretty little boxes.

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February 5, 2009

My son attends this school, pros: great parent involment, wonderful teacher, and specials' teachers as well. but I have to say that my experience with the principal is bad. most of the times that I have seen her, she's with a mad gesture, she's cold and impersonal with the kids, I have never seen her talk to the kids, she walks next to them and she doesn't even say HI to them.

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February 3, 2009

Overall, I am dissapointed with this school. We transfered from another Frisco Elementary and this school does not measure up. Both my kids excel at school but are not gifted and they have not been challenged or even made to work at thier level. I'm sure the prinicpal is a great leader, but she comes across as cold and uncaring and gives off the impression that parent involvement is not important to her. Some positives: No portable buildings, diverse student body, great after school opportunities - jump rope team, drum group, dramatics; also the school does well academically - it is not rated Exemplary, but after much research I have found that all the Frisco schools that are rated exemplary have populations of students not counted because the numbers are too small. Ashley has all student groups counted and still has good TAKS numbers.

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August 9, 2006

I am so glad my kids are students in Ashley Elementry, the school was great the first year. Teachers quality and the principal leadership is wonderful. Parents involvement is also a great part of this school. I wish them good luck for coming years of Ashley Elementry.

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November 2, 2005

I am very impressed with the school so far. My daughters teacher is extreemly interested in her progress.

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