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Barksdale Elementary School10

Plano, TX | Collin County


April 6, 2014

Compare with other school in Plano area, this one doesn't have enough homework every week. Nor does parent know the details that student had learn from school. The Monthly newsletter doesn't provide enough details for parent to assist student academically at home. We have no clue what was taught at school daily. They are jumping back and forth around the book to teach. My daughter s teacher did not response my email more than once!!! I see no progress for my daughter over 3 years. Very Disappointed.

Submitted by a parent

December 1, 2013

We had a really good experience at Barksdale. It's an awesome institution. Our children learned a lot and enjoyed their years at Barksdale. Management is always helpful and keep things running smoothly. PTA plays a very supportive role. Its a diverse community and everyone feels welcome. We are very sad that we are closing this chapter, Barksdale was such a big part of our children's lives. They made great memories and got great education. We wish this school all the best and we'll always be grateful for strong academic foundation given to our children. Barksdale Rock!!!

Submitted by a parent

May 18, 2013

We have had awesome experience at Barksdale. This is last year for my youngest so we'll be saying goodbye. Both my kids loved there teachers and learned a lot. Not only academics but athletics and music were excellent. Class sizes were small and student body was diverse, PTA is truly awesome. What I loved most is that you get a friendly environment to grow. PACE program was really beneficial in making kids excited about learning on a higher level and applying the knowledge towards related projects. All and all, a memorable time for both of them.

Submitted by a parent

January 15, 2013

Compared to schools in the state is a great school compared to schools in the city of Plano it is average and nothing sets it apart like some others. It is a very large school based of the numbers of students the class sizes are always at the max # allowed and at times even over the max allowed by TX and then they have to get an ok for the school to have that many over. The Principal seems to only care about attendance and being at school on time. Ever Meeting I have been to she always drills that into the parents. When you do show up late without a dr. note she is very rude. Not a fan of hers. In the 4 years we have been there We have had 2 teachers that really cared about the progress of their students and went above and beyond the other 2 shouldn't be teaching kids this young they should be in a high school because they don't seem to care about really teaching and making sure the kids understand. The other parents are the one thing that saves this school they are great, always doing everything they can even for other students. They are true leaders

Submitted by a parent

June 1, 2012

Great school with fantasic teachers and students. Many extra programs and great community. My son just graduated from here and I credit this school for helping him on his road to success.

Submitted by a parent

February 10, 2010

Barksdale is an excellent elementary school. The teachers are wonderful and very experienced at dealing with a wide range of abilities and learning styles. The PE program is excellent, the kids go 4 times a week. Counseling program is great. Class sizes tend to be 19-21 children, a good balance compared to other area schools.

Submitted by a parent

August 22, 2009

Barksdale is a fantastic school and it lends itself academically to all types of children. The school does an amazing job balancing their students differences by differentiating instruction and focusing on the students abilities and strengthening their weaknesses. The teachers are very professional and really show that they care for the students. Everyone in the school seems eager to help you and answer any of your questions. This is by far one of the best schools in north Texas. Just ask teh students because their opinion is what's most important.

Submitted by a parent

June 13, 2008

To the parent who submitted the concern about the weak music program (8/8/06). There are new music teachers as of the beginning of the 2007-08 school year. They are super music teachers and my kids really love going to music now.

Submitted by a parent

April 25, 2008

I moved to Plano for their schools and eventually chose Barksdale... I was very let down. My child has ADHD and they could not and would not deal with him. It was very frustrating as a single parent getting called at work several times a week to come pick him up. I would NOT recommend this school to anyone who has a child that is a little 'different'. The school and I finally made the decision to put him in the 'alternative' school, Byrd Special Programs, they have been wonderful with teaching him appropriate behaviors and other skills he needs.

Submitted by a parent

November 15, 2007

I forever have enjoyed working at this school. We care about the students.

Submitted by a teacher

July 15, 2007

We recently moved from other state.Our daughter started at first grade and she will be going to second grade this year.She enjoyed the first grade to full extent. With in short span, she had a lot of friends and she liked the her teacher very much. Education wise she did very well in English and Math. We are looking forward for the second grade.

Submitted by a parent

April 24, 2007

Great school. Both teachers so far have been great except that the homework is more like parent work. Some of the directions I do not even understand!! And there has been a problem with lack of communication on when assignments are due. My daughter loves it and overall it's a great school.

Submitted by a parent

August 8, 2006

My children have been at Barksdale since 2001. We have been very pleased with the original principal and the current one in 2006. The teachers work hard to keep the kids challenged. The school welcomes parent involvement. Music program is a little weak and I don't know what the goals are for P.E. but my kids love it there.

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October 31, 2005

I think the school is a very good one. The learning environment is a good one, the treachers are great. I do wish they would give more homework assignments.

Submitted by a parent

September 14, 2005

Excellent school! The curriculum is challenging but children are nurtured toward success.

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