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Bethany Elementary School9

Plano, TX | Collin County


May 28, 2013

The teachers work well with children who fit in their box of ideal. If a child doesn't fit the norm, this is not the school for them. The teachers are very sweet, but my daughter doesn't need an extra mother, she needs a teacher. They are too focused on social issues and not enough on learning. My daughter's class was given 8 spelling lists for the entire year this year, but only 6 spelling tests. Her teacher won't questions about a child's progress unless she have a standardized test to back them up and then they blame the curriculum for the short comings. I am removing my child from this school as I feel we have wasted this entire year when she could have been learning something. Yes, I know, one bad apple, but this teacher is the team lead for the grade.

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March 11, 2013

Excellent principal, excellent teachers, friendly staff... there's just nothing bad I can say about this school. We have two kids in Bethany and we are extremely pleased. I can't imagine a school being any better than this.

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February 28, 2013

Do NOT buy a home in this neighborhood an have your child attend this school!! The neighborhood is very unfriendly and you never see kids around. If you are at all interested in your child having neighborhood friends, this is not the place. Bethany has a new principal who is very odd and lacks leadership qualities in my opinion and is never reachable. Safety is a big issue for me and my husband and I were always let in without verification of who we were. Our child never attended a field trip the whole year he was there. They never did any plays and they do NOT let parents in the classroom. This was a complete shock to us. Our child's teacher actually told us that she "had never had a parent in her classroom". This baffled us because our child was in a younger grade and we had always been welcome to his classroom in previous schools to help out, volunteer, etc.Save your child and pick another area!!

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December 21, 2012

My daughter is in Kinder this year, she is very petite and young for school. Her birthday is 1 week prior to to cut off for school. We have been very pleased with the help and guidance given to her. Also what has been helpful is the direction given to us, the parents. The staff are great and make learning fun, interactive and not boring. The parent involvement is great and there is always something neat going on at the school. I love that the pincipal is outside every morning greeting the children as they come into the building and the counselor who is always there to help with the children. Especially, ones who are having a little trouble adjusting to school. Overall, we are super excited that we live in this neighborhood and have this great school to go to. We had thought about moving, but have changed our minds due to the calibar of school we have here. I know in 3 years my son will be excited to join his big sister. Go Bethany!

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May 20, 2012

My daughter is in third grade at Bethany Elementary School, and she loves her teachers, classmates and the environment. We moved to Plano last year, and I was concerned about my daughter adjusting to her new school. The teachers did an amazing job, they paid individual attention, made her feel comfortable and helped her settle in. We are happy that my daughter goes to Bethany, and we could not have chosen a better school for my daughter to receive her education in this crucial stage of her life. Bethany staff makes learning fun for the children, and we are glad to be with Bethany.

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February 28, 2012

Bethany Elementary School is an amazing school with an amazing team of faculty and staff. I have two children there and my third child will start there this fall. I cannot imagine a better Elementary School for my children and tell my self everyday how lucky I am to be at a school that challenges my children with strong academics and social skills that better prepares them for their future life as responsible citizens. I am more than happy about their emphasis on health and wellness and am proud to say that we are one of three schools in Plano to be given the Healthy Zone award especially considering the growing epedemic of childhood obesity in this country. Three cheers to our teachers and staff for their dedication and excellence everyday of the year. Thank You from a very grateful parent.

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February 15, 2012

We are thrilled with the new leadership in the building. Teachers and staff excel at meeting students at their level, and are receptive to parent involvement and input. They are adept at implementing the rigorous standards of the PISD curriculum, and yet I still feel that both of my children receive the individualization they need. Their PACE program is second to none, and the school recently was 1 of only 3 schools in PISD to be awarded the Healthy Choice School Award for the various programs in place in the building. There are numerous opportunities for parent involvement, whether that be on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, and we even utilize our parents' help at home for those parents who want to contribute but work full time. We have outstanding teachers, from Kindergarten all the way up through Fifth, the librarian teaches fantastic lessons weekly with each grade level, and we love the comfortable, friendly environment of being a neighborhood school.

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December 30, 2011

I have to agree that we have excellent parent participation. We finally have a new principal who is interested in the kids as individuals. The staff has always towards teaching their social agenda, whatever that might be for the year. It's insulting for them to tell kindergartners to watch what they eat so they don't become overweight, even the slender kids get this message. And to tell girls that "nasty boys" will look up their skirts so they have to wear shorts under their skirts was totally over the top. The teachers in kindergarten seem to have no faith in children's ability and act as if they are doing me a favor by teaching my "hopeless" child who obviously needs standardized testing to see if she's good enough. It's outrageously insulting. The new principal seems to be listening and things are changing for the better. I would prefer they teach reading and math instead of social agendas.

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August 20, 2009

The male version - short and sweet. I have two children at Bethany. From top to bottom, it does not get any better.

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January 23, 2007

Our oldest child has been at Bethany for four years now (since K). Excellent school! The staff is supportive and the leadership is strong. The PTA is very involved and organized. The parents at this school really care about their children's educational experience and do make a key difference. The school's principal, Deni Bleggi, makes it a point to get to know the kids well on an individual level. However, what really makes Bethany outstanding is its wonderful staff of teachers who are truly dedicated in tackling PISD and state curriculum. Bethany deserves its well-earned reputation and exemplary status. The school is right on target with its instruction in the core academic areas of reading, language arts, and math. I would give high marks also concerning parent/teacher communication and the effort placed upon resolution of typical classroom issues. The school lies in the heart of a very good residential community. Vaille

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April 26, 2006

This school has been great at placing our two kids with teachers who best meet their needs. The staff is friendly and supportive, and the school has a cheerful atmosphere.

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February 1, 2006

We currently have 3 children enrolled in 1st, 4th, and 5th grade. This is our first year. We have been extremely pleased with each of our teachers. The staff is warm and inviting. The principal is full of energy and really wants to see each child succeed. One of our children needs enrichment assistance. A team of teachers are providing invaluable assistance with getting him the additional work he needs to succeed with reading comprehension. This school has truly earned it exemplary status. Also, the school is located in a residential community. There are no surrounding apartment dwellers attending. Without the hindrance of a transient population, this should contribute to the school's consistent performance.

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September 2, 2005

My child has only been in K for 3 weeks now, but I have already witnessed a great deal of organization among the K teachers in order to get it all accomplished in one day. My daughter's teacher, Mrs. Young, has already honed in on what areas my daughter needs to concentrate her effort. There does seem to be a large number of PTA volunteers, at least at the K level. The fund raising efforts are already at full speed. I was impressed by the clarity and and ease of instruction on ordering Sally Foster and Entertainment books. Loved the use of reminder stickers on our children, and posted signs for turning in orders. The only negative comment I have was that there was no information on any security/safety measures taken/in place at the school, particularly for parent's of K students. Eg, no explanation of the child safe hotline.

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July 26, 2005

They hasve a very nice school. The teacher's work very well with all the students. The whole staff all are very nice.

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