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C T Eddins Elementary School10

McKinney, TX | Collin County


March 25, 2015

The overall morale of the school trickles down from the principal. Unfortunately, Sharon Havard, is a terrible leader. She has no backbone and will never get into situations to rectify them between students or staff. The staff have no respect for her and that leads to huge problems. When you have nine teachers requesting to leave in one year, it is a problem. She needs to go back to teaching 6 year olds because she cannot manage. It seems as though anyone over the age of six intimidates her and she cowers. She will NOT stop or address bullying in her school. She will not confront teachers who are inappropriate with students and nonresponsive to parents. Instead, she will ignore emails and pretend as though the situation does not exist. She is bringing down the school in a major way and it is sad to watch. I never thought I would say that I am looking forward to the transition to middle school, but I truly cannot wait for my kids to be out of there! Of course that would all change if she were to leave. You will be fine at the school as long as your kids are not picked on and you get the "good" teachers. It is a gamble though.

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January 16, 2015

This is our first year at Eddins Elementary and we have been pleased with the teachers, curriculum, parent involvement and activities. Our daughter loves school and Eddins has been a great start to her education.

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May 26, 2014

I remember when parent involvement was high. The past three years it has dropped dramatically. I remember walking onto the campus and seeing the children's and teachers smiling faces, that has dramatically dropped the last thee years. I am fixing to buy a new house out of this school zone to get into a better school, where education is important, not a place where the principal is scared to rock the boat and make a parent or student not like her. It is a sad day for MISD, when the boss's boss can't make necessary changes. I guess once a wildcat does not always mean always a wildcat. I hope my house sells, and I hope they don't have elementary age children. Sad face.

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July 11, 2013

This past year was my son's first year at Eddins (1st grade) and we have been tremendously impressed with the school from top to bottom. The teachers, the principal, the office staff, the parent community...have all been top notch. Communication between staff and parents is amazing, and they do a great job incorporating 'life principles' (Rachel's Challenge, Leadership Habits, etc) into the kids daily routine. Parent involvement is very high and there are countless ways to get involved in and outside of the classroom. Expectations are high, but there is lots of support to be sure each child reaches their full potential. The kids LOVE their school and it shows. My son can't wait for the new school year so he can be back learning with his school family. And I'm excited that our next two future Wildcats will get to experience the amazing learning environment that is Eddins!

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January 17, 2013

Of the three McKinney elementary schools my children have attended this one is the best! Our experiences at Wolford and Glen Oaks (both highly rated) cannot be compared to our experience with Eddins. I have also substituted in at least ten other McKinney elementary schools so I know what is out there. Thank you to the dedicated and caring staff at Eddins for promoting such a positive learning environment for all students!

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March 10, 2011

My child was bullied by a former friend to the point that she was crying before school every morning. This former friend even went as far as to pay some kids to ignore my daughter. We spoke with the teacher multiple times as well as the counselor, but nothing was ever done. In fact the teacher made fun of her after one report. Ridiculous!

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June 23, 2010

From the pricipal to the janitor, this is one of the finest run elementary schools around. It's a real shame that the principal is leaving to open up a new MISD elementary school in the Fall.

May 28, 2010

My son started as a new student to this school in January. I was impressed from the first contact with the school. The school office was organized and friendly; they put me in touch with the school nurse who called me personally to explain the different state requirements. The teacher met my son in the office on the first morning so that she could meet him before he came to the classroom. I credit his teacher for his immediate and successful transition to a new state and new school. We were in temporary housing which could have been a disasterous experience, but I strongly believe that his excellent experience in the classroom assisted with his ability to accept and survive the transition and chaos associated with moving half way across the country.

March 23, 2010

C.T. Eddins is a really great school. It is well rounded in the curriculum, activities, and values it teaches.They have a really positive attitude in every aspect of leadership. I am so thankful that our daughter began kindergarten here. She is eager to go to school every single day. My only suggestions would be they have a few less money soliciting activities - seems there is something every week; luckily they are mostly voluntary.

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March 20, 2010

I have to say that CT Eddins is such a wonderful school. My daughter is in 2nd grade now and has attended Eddins since she was in kindergarten. The staff is nothing short of amazing! The principal is awesome. Being a part of the Wildcat family is such a blessing. I am so thankful that we are lucky enough to be part of such an outstanding group of students. They are a Blue Ribbon school with is a national honor and their TAKS scores are through the roof. If you are looking for the best place for your children, CT Eddins is the place to be!

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February 16, 2010

Eddins Is the best school my daughter has ever gone to....shes been to 4 schools :)

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November 12, 2007

The staff are amazing, they do everything that they can to get the kids at the right level. But because Texas makes them do TAKS it is hard to get all the subjects in. But they have been named a Blue Ribbion School, which means they are one of a few schools in MISD that have received that name. I would tell an parent that this is one of the best schools to be at.

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July 30, 2007

I love CT Eddins and think the staff is amazing. My daughter is in the 2nd grade and we have been so impressed with her education to this point. I would recommend this school to any parent moving to the area.

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May 2, 2006

I love this school! My daughter has thrived since she moved to Eddins from Green Elem. in Allen. She struggled with reading since 1st grade and has improved greatly since we moved here. She did 100% on Reading TAKS test this spring. Thanks MCKinney ISD for taking the time to care!!

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June 9, 2005

This school is not a real world school in terms of diversity and expectations. While the teachers are nice, the focus is strictly on TAKS and their results. The homework lacks enrichment for the high achieving children and is loaded with TAKS practice sheets. If your child is high achieving they will spend much of their day tutoring other children or spending time on AR. The PTA is in a constant fund raising mode, which was understandable when they were a new school, but Eddins is established and has way too many fundraisers.

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