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January 26, 2015

We read the '10' rating and that was part of our decision to move here. What a disaster. This rating is for the 2013-2015 school years. Administration is very shifty with genuine concerns. Teachers seem hired to just put bodies in classrooms and then are defended vehemently by the school officials when students struggle or the teacher's exhibit bad behavior. We've witnessed yelling, public shaming and autocratic tendencies by the teachers from all grades above 1st. Health concerns fall on deaf ears here. Don't get sick. Send your students to school with the flu or a fever rather than have to deal with the truancy board. And no, Dr's excuses don't cut it at Ogle Elementary. This school has lost the vision on what it is supposed to do. Stay away at all costs.

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June 22, 2014

Both my kids attend this school and we are happy and please with the learning environment at Ogle. In all my years seeing principals in action, I've never seen a principal that is so easily accessible. The teachers are great for the most part. You will never find the perfect teachers for each parent liking; it's just not practical or realistic. However, they genuinely want our kids to succeed. The attention and care the teachers give these students is not only visible but palpable. My husband and I believe that in order to make any school successful/succeed, we should start with our own kids at home. Ogle Elementary is a great school, it's not perfect but no school is perfect.

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May 13, 2014

My kids went to this school about a year and a half ago. We had always been in the McKinney ISD area and frankly this school is one of the reasons we moved back to McKinney ISD. The people were kind to a certain degree, but the McKinney schools had a much better hospitality, and my children don't complain about their new schools.

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April 30, 2014

This is our first year at Ogle Elementary and my family and I have been quite impressed with the individual attention we've received. Not just from the homeroom teacher but also the other teachers, substitutes, crossing guards, office staff and even the Principal herself! We came from a private school and wondered if we'd just be a number in a large public school. Not at Ogle Elementary! Each student really matters as they strive for excellence everyday.

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September 10, 2013

Our School is Ogle Elementary. We moved to McKinney this summer after 10 years in Frisco and it was very important to us to stay in the Frisco ISD because of how great the school system is. The Ogle staff has made this transition very smooth and hassle free. We are able to enroll our two children without issue. My husband went to the school prior to enrolling and meet the principle, she since then has recognized him several times after that! Meet the teacher day was stress free and fun! I must say the crazy car pool lanes took some getting used to. Our last school allowed students to be dropped off anywhere in line. I did try to figure out how I would have designed it and I couldn't come up with a better system. Goes to show they do know what they are doing. My son broke his arm (at home) the second week of school. His teacher was very concerned and made sure he would be able play at recess while being safe. All in all Ogle and its staff has already exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to several wonderful years! Thanks, The Wood Family!

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December 18, 2012

Love this school, especially my son's kindergarten teacher. I really appreciate how quickly the teachers respond to you when you have a question or concern.

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April 25, 2012

Sounds like the poster below may have not been asked to return to Ogle? Mrs. Tinsley provides lots of chances to teachers. But she expects teachers to provide the best for their students. When I worked at Ogle I was proud of the strong teachers and administration. Mrs. Tinsley reallly works on developing her teachers. It may seem like turnover, but actually three teachers were selected by the district to be instructional coaches and another teacher will be a school counselor next year. I believe more teachers were taken from Ogle than any other school in the district to be instructional coaches. It is unfortunate, but amongst all the great teachers at Ogle...mediocre teachers stick out like a sore thumb! Sounds like the poster may have fallen into that category. Great school that works hard for kids!

Submitted by a teacher

April 24, 2012

This school does not have a leader, it has a dictator who belittles the teachers, and never offers positive feedback or constructive criticism. Every year, teachers try to leave by applying for transfers. The 16 available positions should speak for themselves this year. This is normal, as each year there is a high turnover. I have taught in previous districts and never seen anything like this. There is a school building full of teachers that believe in the success of the kids and providing a quality education but are not allowed to follow gut instincts because of the lack of leadership and the military way the school is run. I also have concern because they work to bring up the lower students, but the average or above average students are not challenged. I would not recommend this school, nor would I allow my own children to attend this school. We should expect better of our schools. I hope the parents and teachers begin to stand up more for what they believe is important in the education of these students.

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April 24, 2010

What a fantastic school! My son is currently finishing up kindergarten. He has had a wonderful year at Ogle.

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August 2, 2009

I have two children who attend Ogle. This will be our third year at this school. And I must say, 'I LOVE OGLE'. I am a very involved parent and I spend several hours at the school each week. My children are reading and writing beautifully and they both have a super possitive attitude toward school. They love to go! The school trys so hard to include parents in everything. I attend Good Morning Ogle every Friday morning, I eat lunch with my kiddo's, I am a volunteer, so I get to help their teachers with projects. I just love it! The teachers always have smiles on their faces and always make me feel welcome. I wouldn't dream of placing my children in any other school!

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June 8, 2008

My children have attended Ogle for both years that it has been open. They love it here and have excelled academically. Transitioning from private preK to public school is so drastic, which is why some parents might have a hard time with any public school. The kids have so much to learn in order to do well on the state mandated tests, but my children have been well prepared each time. It would be very disruptive if parents were allowed to drop into classes whenever they decide to, so I appreciate the school district's policy conerning limiting classroom interruptions. I have stopped by for lunch & assemblies on many occasions & have always felt welcome. My children had to attend several FISD schools before Ogle was built and they are all run the same way.

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February 27, 2008

This school is a JOKE! Ever since attending Ogle my daughter has slowly started to become less confident and less engaged in her school work. She still gets high 90% grades. The way she describes it is very military like where the only concern the staff have is to maintain control. (I can't know for certain because I'm not allowed to just drop in and help out in the classroom or check up on her progress) Since when can't a father randomly check on his kid? What are they hiding? I'll be pulling her from this prison camp asap and moving her back to BOON or a Montessori school. Parents, please unite and help our kids. This school certainly won't... A concerned Dad

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January 2, 2008

I have a daughter that started attending Ogle this past fall (Kindergarten). So far, I have been very disappointed in the academics and the school overall. My first complaint is that the amount of parent involvement is very small. And because the way the principle has set up the PTA to run all student activities, there's no incentive for parents to get involved. There's no ability for parents to do something 'special' for their child's class -- rather every class has to have 'exactly the same experience.' My other big complaint is related to the curriculum. Frisco uses the d'Nealean wriitng style in kindergarten. The problem is that the writing excercieses use one style of writing while reading excercises use traditional block letters.

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August 12, 2007

I had a child in K this past year. I was very impressed with the school. I loved the Friday morning pep rally. My son learned to read quickly and he loved his new friends. Besides that, I felt welcomed to visit. The Principal and Asst. Principal worked very hard. My son had a great experienced teacher. I loved this school...

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June 6, 2007

There is wonderful parent involvement at Ogle. Many parents voiced concerns about various situations they saw occurring in the cafeteria or hallway and were ignored by the Principal. I have not been happy about the yelling that I have witnessed by some teachers at their students. I did not approve that one teacher was dismissed at spring break and the parents nor the students had any idea that this was taking place. I think that some of the best teachers have left because of the lack of professionalism of the head administration, and that is a loss to the Ogle community. I wish that the administration put the education of our children first, and were not so concerned about being in control.

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