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Prosper High School9

Prosper, TX | Collin County


December 28, 2014

Im a 9th grader this year, i was really excited to go into high school. I started the year liking it, Im in the band so I got to ever football game, the team might have done really bad but I had fun in the stands. As the semester went on we had to learn the Prosper Rumble 2.0 which I hated they pulled us out of class to do something stupid, I had important classes that I needed a full period for not one cut short. I was getting to know my teachers more some of them were great but I had many that were really bad and didnt help me. Some of the students are great but most of them are stuck up snobs that brag about how much money they have and they put you down if you dont have as much. Ive been made fun of sense I moved here 7 years ago, its really hard on me and I dont like it.

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December 18, 2014

Not bad, but they could cool it on the school spirit. Real school spirit comes naturally and doesn't have to be shoved down kids throats. Other than that however, not bad!

October 4, 2014

My family moved from out of state, and when we were looking for school districts Prosper stood out. Prosper has a lot of pride, and the fact that we can brag about our school proves that PHS is amazing academically and spirit wise.

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September 30, 2014

Ok so Mr. Wright did not FORCE us to do the prosper rumble, he gaves us options on wether we would like to participate of not. He is an great principal over all and haves high expectations for us because he knows we can do it. He ask very little from us as high school students but , to strive for excellence. He comes up with all these fun activity and ways for us as a school to come together and have a great time. We are in high school thats is suppose to be the best years of your life and that is exactly what he haves made it.

September 27, 2014

PHS is well-known for their school spirit and Prosper Rumble, performed at the pep rallies. I think the first year we did the Rumble, the kids actually did enjoy it. But I am afraid all the publicity the principal only seems to care about being the best. What people don't realize is these kids are FORCED to learn these rumble dances. They miss class in order to practice for the pep rallies.They get real grades in real classrooms History and geography, on how well they learn the school song.The principal SCREAMS at the kids, threatens them, if they do not participate in the pep rallies. School spirit comes from WITHIN, it cannot be forced.Watching Prosper Rumble 2.0 I did not see kids filled with school spirit, I saw kids being forced to perform for ratings. I was also taken with the pep rallies when they started and was excited about the school spirit. But if this principal doesn't get a grip soon he is going to kill what he is trying to hard to create. Being the best should not be the the goal, leading the kids to legitimately care about each other and their school, should. Get a grip, Prosper, and stop blindly supporting this. School is for learning, after all, or so I thought.

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August 11, 2014

Prosper has been very good for my children academically. The school has outstanding school spirit. Unfortunately, the athletic department is a country club for the rich kids or what you do for the coach. The best players do not always play. It is how connected you are to the coach and how much you kiss his behind. There are things that go on that should not.

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April 23, 2014

:D My school is Awesome! No matter what all those kids and students from other schools say Prosper is a school for everyone :D I am a middle class student or more like my family is middle class. And sure people in Prosper have nice things but that shouldn't change your high school experience...that should be up to you....and how you decide to live your high school life. Let me just say the "rich gang" things we say is because we are "rich in our academics, and in our class rooms" which I know sounds kinda not for high schoolers but it really keeps us motivated. I love how our principal is motivated, and keeps us pumped up for games...last year I never even went to basketball or football games cause I thought it was just a waste of time but he's created this section for students to support our team and help get us closer as a school and I like that. I believe that the way they run things as far as punishment is fair game.if you do something wrong and you did it on purpose then that's on your kid...they made their decision, and so they pay the consequences. I love how my school supports new students who come to prosper :) If I we're to move some where Prosper is definitely the place

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November 14, 2013

This school is so great, it has so much school spirit and the principle is awesome! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else! I'm a freshman and upperclassmen were so sweet and welcoming when I got here! I wouldn't trade my experience here for anything else and can't wait to finish my highschool career here, I can already tell these are gonna be some of the best years of my life!

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October 5, 2013

I'm a student here. If you are well off and have a nice house, nice cars, and a lot of money then prosper is the place for you! Prosper is all stuck up and snobby about the material things they have. You will be the most popular and well liked kid if you are so called "rich". The students even have a boastful chant they like to yell "rich gang" at football games. It really is a terrible place with no class at all. If you are a middle class kid or even lower class then you need to stay away from prosper. The other students will show off and it will make you feel terrible just because your parents don't have as much money. Not to mention are new principle that prosper got last year is way to stict and shoves school spirit down you throat and will outcast you if you don't show it. It is really counter productive. Plus the principle is extremely strict and runs this school like a prison. Even some of the teachers will complain about how bad it is. All you need to remember is if you have money and like to show off, then come to prosper! If not then stay away because that's all that's here...

August 17, 2013

We are an upper middle class family that moved into the school district approximately two (2) years ago. We are pleased with the academics of the middle school and high school, but are very displeased with the athletics. The middle school and high school athletes are played based on their parents involvement with the programs and connections with the coaches. We have always told our kids to work hard and out play the other kids and you will play. NOT at this school. Hard work by the parents and money pays offs at theses schools.

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August 9, 2013

We moved into the Prosper School District with our oldest entering his sophomore year. It was rough for him fitting in at first, but since Mr. Wright came in, the morale of the school has changed. He is great!! Dr. Watkins helped our younger child feel welcome on his first day at Folsom as a 4th grader. I've seen his presence at many school functions with a crowd of kids around him. Not everything is perfect, but it has much more to offer than the district we came from. We can't stop telling people what a great district we have moved into. I will also add we are a middle class family and not one of the affluent ones everyone is complaining about. Most everyone we have met is always friendly and welcoming to us.

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July 31, 2013

Very difficult to fit in. Also found out my daughter is behind in math and science, yet they passed her anyway. Socially, this school has been a horrible experience for my daughter. Academically, we have also suffered.

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July 3, 2013

Fantastic experience at Prosper HIgh Shool.Wonderful administration.We moved here from Greenwich,CT and had high expectaions for our sons education.Prosper ISD met those expectations.We are an academically focused family and have been beyond pleased with every aspect of Prosper High School.One of the nicest HIgh Schools aesthetically that I have ever seen.State of the art facilities,beautiful building. I would stronly revommend Prosper High School.

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June 7, 2013

Prosper High School has one of the best administration and faculty I have ever experienced. I have been an educator/administrator for almost 30 years. PHS has finally got it right with Mr. Wright and his fantastic team of administrator, teachers and staff. Whomever wrote the comment about Dr. Watkins obviously has not met and dealt with him on a continual basis. He is one of the best administrators I have every known. Prosper ISD has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. Considering all of their growing pains, they have done a great job of accommodating all of the issues that come with a growing district. There is not a perfect school anywhere... There are the good one, then there are the Great Ones...PHS is becoming one of the Great Ones. So glad Mr. Wright is leading this campus. It will only get better with him in charge.

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December 26, 2012

The school district is led by an amazing, committed, and extremely competent superintendent who has helped set the example for what a good school should look/act like.

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